Before every party, there’s always a PRE-DRANK!

Just felt like sketching something on my iPad using ‘Paper’.

Just felt like sketching something on my iPad using ‘Paper’.

Before I go to LA tomorrow, I had to cook a lil something for all of you. #CaliforniaKnowsHowToParty

Rammed!!!! (Taken with Instagram)

Rammed!!!! (Taken with Instagram)

Beats are so overrated….

Beats are so overrated….

New Horizons

Ever since Canadian Music week, I said that I was hungrier and wanted to experience more…. I got that wish.

A month ago,one of my good friends asked me to perform with him. We’ve been trying to do this for months. Now it’s all coming to it’s fruition. It’s a new venue for me to perform and establish all of us as well. It’s all going down this Friday. I know it’s going to turn out great since we’re out for a common goal. 

Meanwhile because of this, I’ve been trying to look for gigs myself just to ride the momentum. I went to various places on my grind. And I think I may have found something. Well 2 places in fact…. 

First one was set up way beforehand. Not only is it a change in venue but also a totally different crowd for us…. Parlour is known as a house lounge on Adelaide, which is definitely a crowd that I’m not used to. So FBomb and myself are being brought in to not only bring an Old School Hip Hop/R&B jam but possibly bring some life and new clientele into an area which is known for it’s youngins and douchebaggery. 

The Second one, I went back to my roots and went window shopping more or less. The same way I went out and got my current residency and my current monthly. So after I visited The Ossington (which was a previous target of mine), I got their contact and started shooting out an email for a meetup. The owner actually came into the bar I was spinning at for a face to face. We hit it off well and decided to try and do something for Thursday nights…. So after patiently waiting, I got an email a few days ago asking me if THIS THURSDAY was good for me. Obviously, I had to say yes just so I could establish myself there and set up something for the summertime. 

Didn’t have time to set up a flyer but I did make a facebook event for it…

I know I’m sacrificing some time out of my day job for this but I know I can handle it if it’s a monthly. 

So there you have it. Stepping Stones for me to work with. Let’s Get It!

 BTW…. I made a new mixtape for your ears 

Have Fun. 

Canadian Music Week……

Really? This month has been a whirlwind in terms of how busy I’ve gotten… One of the biggest reason’s why? Well, let’s just say that big things are coming…. About a month ago, I just got word that out ICE COLD DRANKS party been booked with DJ FBomb, DJ Law, DJ Caff & special guest, DJ Blaster this Saturday @ The Crawford (718 College Street). Holy Crap, that is huge…. And on top of that, 4 AM LAST CALL!!! Talk about extended hours.

As I sit back and think of what this opportunity means to me, I’ve become much hungrier. I don’t even think I’ve hit the peak of where I can go now. I can imagine how far this will go…. I’m possibly getting a chance to perform in other venues. So things are going good on my end.

A year ago, I made my 1st mixtape. Sky’s The Limit

Impulsiveness Pt. 2

Why does this always happen to me? Just payed off my Best Buy Card and what do I get?

An iPad.

I think this will hopefully be the end of it…. But most likely it won’t :(